When do I need approval?

The answer is simple: whenever a research project involves the collection of any data obtained from human participants, research ethics approval is required.

It is the policy of York University to ensure the ethical conduct of research involving human participants and to comply in full with the Tri-Council Policy Statement on Research Involving Human Participants (December 2014). The policy – The Senate Policy on Research Involving Human Participants -applies to all Faculties and the University Libraries, and to all research involving human participants.  Obtain the full text of the Senate Policy.

Conducting research in educational institutions outside of York

Researchers proposing to conduct research in elementary schools, high schools, colleges, universities and/or other institutions of education outside of York are required to obtain permission from the institutions to undertake the research as proposed. Researchers shall be advised that ethics review is required both from the educational institution(s) and York Research Ethics Board (REB). School boards, colleges, universities have their own REBs and researchers are advised that they are required to obtain approval from the relevant REB prior to commencing research.

Note: The HPRC will not – generally - review protocols involving research in an educational setting unless documentation is provided confirming approval to do so. For more information, see the Guidelines for research conducted in educational institutions.